Dee Dee Martinez
District Administrator

California District 8 Little League

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Tournament of Champions Rules Briefing
All Managers, Coaches, Umpires and Tournament Officials required to attend.
Wednesday, June 7 at 7 PM
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Meeting Password: 435919

Tournament Season Dates, Locations & Brackets

Tournament of Champions

Minors: June 10 - June 19. Host: Sunset Little League BRACKET
Majors: June 10 - June 18. Host: Hoover Tyler Little League BRACKET
Intermediate: June 12 - June 18. Host: Hoover Tyler Little League BRACKET
Juniors: June 10 - June 20. Host: Morada Little League BRACKET
*Tournament dates subject to change due to number of teams entering each tournament.

District All Stars

8-10 Year Olds: June 24 - June 30. Host: Hoover Tyler Little League BRACKET
9-11 Year Olds: July 1 - July 8. Host: Western Little League BRACKET
10-12 Year Olds (Little League Division): June 24 - July 2. Host: Western Little League - Bracket Being Updated Due to Entry of Additional Team
Intermediate (50/70): June 22 - June 25. Host: To be determined. NO TOURNAMENT - NO TEAMS ENTERED
Juniors: June 24 - July 2. Host: Morada Little League BRACKET
*Tournament dates subject to change due to number of teams entering each tournament.

Section 6 All Stars - Hosted by District 8

9-11 Year Olds: July 15 - 19. Host: Delta-Sunrise Little League BRACKET
Juniors: July 15 - July 19. Host: Morada Little League BRACKET

State Tournament - Hosted by District 8

10-12 Year Olds (Little League Division): July 22 - July 29. Host: Hoover Tyler Little League BRACKET

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District 8 Rewarded With Two Regional Tournament Umpire Assignments

While it is rare that the District gets even one volunteer umpire to work Regional and above tournaments at the end of the year, District 8 has been rewarded with two Regional umpire assignments this coming All-Star season. Jim Osborne and Josiah Spurgeon will be working the Western Region tournaments for the Intermediate (50/70) and the Little League levels, respectfully, at a step just before the World Series. In order to qualify for a World Series, umpires must complete an assignment at the regional level. Both Osborne and Spurgeon have worked District, Sectional and State Tournaments in the past. The first qualification to reach a Regional or World Series Tournament for Little League, is that the umpire is strictly a volunteer umpire. The next qualification is that the umpire is of highest quality. Regional tournament umpires compete with umpires from the 11 Western states for these assignments. Congratulations to Jim and Josiah. Tournament games are scheduled to be telecast on ESPN/ESPN+.

Josiah Spurgeon

Josiah Spurgeon

Josiah is currently 23 years old and is a past graduate of the Jim Elliot Christian High School. Josiah started umpiring in 2017 at Delta Little League after replying to a Facebook advertisement for umpires. Josiah is a fast learner and in his second year of umpiring, he worked both TOC's, All Stars and the Junior Section All Star tournament. In 2019, Josiah went to the weeklong Umpire Academy in San Bernardino, Ca. In the same year, Josiah joined the Delta Little League Board of Directors as the Umpire-in-Chief. Soon after, Josiah began working high level tournaments, including the state intermediate tournament. In 2021, Josiah was asked to join the District 8 Umpire Staff. In 2022, Josiah umpired the Section 6 final championship game behind the plate.

Jim Osborne

Jim Osborne

Jim started umpiring Little League in Monterey in 1985 and later moved on to San Jose. Jim moved to Stockton in 1990. Jim began umpiring in District 8 at Montezuma LL (now defunct) and soon became involved with District 8. Jim has umpired Little League for over 35 years and in District 8 for over 20 years, many of those years as a staff umpire. Jim served as Umpire-in-Chief for Sunset Little League for 3 years. Osborne has umpired in several District, Section and State tournaments. Osborne attended the weeklong Western Region Umpire Academy in 2005 and again in 2009. Also in 2009, Osborne was rewarded with an assignment to umpire the Western Region Big League tournament in Bremerton, Washington.

Mandatory Safety Training
California Required Training & Certifications for Managers/Coaches

Cardiac Arrest Training

Concussion Training

Concussion Information Sheet

Concussion Info Sheet - Spanish

Safe Sport Abuse Awareness Training

Opening League Dates

Delta-Sunrise - Saturday, March 25
Eastern - Saturday, April 1
Hoover Tyler - Saturday, March 18
Linden - Saturday, March 11
Morada - Saturday, March 18
Northern - Saturday, April 1
Pacific-Southern - Saturday, April 1
Sundown - Saturday, March 25
Sunset - Saturday, March 18
Western - Saturday, March 11

2023 Rule & Regulation Changes

Regulation I(b)

The League: This permits a league's Board of Directors to be comprised of no more than 75% of current team manager(s)/coach(es).

Regulation IV(c, Note 1)

The Players: Permits a player to participate in more than one affiliated Little League program, granted their home league does not offer an affiliated Little League Softball program.

Regulation IV(f)

The Players: This change requires players to attend one player evaluation event instead of 50% of the total number of events scheduled by the league.

Regulation VII(a)

Schedules; Tournament Organization - League Eligibility (Senior Division): Removes the mandatory minimum for number of regular season games for the Senior League Division of Baseball and Softball only.

Rule 1.11(j)

Jewelry: Clarifies that hard items used to control hair are permitted for on the field play.

Rule 3.09

(Regular Season only): This would aid in efforts to improve the pace of play by allowing adult coaches to warm up pitchers for regular season only.

Rule 4.10(e)

(Regular Season only): This would revise the run rule for all divisions of play during the regular season, adding an additional condition in which, if after five (5) innings [Intermediate (50-70) Division / Junior / Senior League: six innings], four and one-half innings [Intermediate (50-70) Division / Junior / Senior League: five and one-half innings], if the home team is ahead, one team has a lead of eight (8) runs or more, the manager of the team with the least runs shall concede the victory to the opponent.

Rule 6.08(a)(2)

(Regular Season and Tournament Play): Expands the intentional walk from the Little League (Major) and Minor League Divisions into the Intermediate (50-70) /Junior League/Senior League Divisions.

Rule 6.08(a)(2)

(Regular Season and Tournament Play): This revises the intentional walk rule so that a player may only be intentionally walked by announcing such decision to the plate umpire one time during the course of the game. This would not restrict a team from throwing four balls outside of the strike zone to this batter at another time during the game.


Managers and Coaches in the Dugout: This would allow teams to have up to three eligible coaches permitted in the dugout regardless of tournament team roster size.


Managers and Coaches: Requires all tournament managers and coaches to complete the Little League Diamond Leader Training Program ( DiamondLeader).

Tournament Organization

Player Eligibility (Senior Division): Provides flexibility to local leagues for the Senior Divisions of tournament play to place a player on a tournament team roster regardless of regular season participation.

Tournament Rule 3(d)

Special Pinch Runner/ Courtesy Runner: Updates the previous tournament special pinch runner rule to apply for Senior Division only, while providing a courtesy runner option for all other divisions of tournament play.

Tournament Rule 9

Mandatory Play: Replaces the previous tournament mandatory play rule with a continuous batting order requirement for all divisions of toumament play except for the Senior Division.