Dee Dee Martinez
District Administrator

California District 8 Little League

Juniors Regular Season Schedule

Intermediate Regular Season Schedule

Intermediate & Junior Interleague Rules

Interleague Pitching Affidavit (Regular Season)

TOC Rules Briefing
(To be updated as TOC approaches)
A rules briefing for the Tournament of Champions. TOCs are played under regular season rules. Disregard any rules that do not refer to Continuous Batting Order as all TOCgamess will be played using the Continuous Baatting Order.

All Star Tournament Rules Summary Chart (To be updated as All Stars approaches)
A summary rules chart for the All-Star tournament (ONLY). The chart lists lists  significant rules that apply to the All-Star tournament, particularly the rules that are different than the regular season rules.

Guidelines for Bylaws, Local Rules & Ground Rules - PDF

Bylaws are a tool used by local leagues to manage and operate that specific program. They must be approved annually and deal with operation rules and policies for conducting day-to-day business. Common items that may be included in a league’s bylaws include tournament team selection method, local rules, age structure, etc. They may include extensions of Little League rules, but at no time can they circumvent Little League rules.

Pitch Count Data Sheet - PDF

The pitch count data sheet is primarily used at District TOC Tournament time, but is also used during the regular season to document pitch counts for interleague play.

TOC Team Affidavit - PDF

Used by all teams (Minors, Majors, Intermediate, Juniors) that qualify and will participate in the end of season District Tournament of Champions tournament. The form establishes the qualified/verified roster for each team.

Tournament Player Verification - PDF

To be completed for every player on the All Star team. The form establishes proof of age and residency for each individual player on the All Star team. The form is used for the end of year All Star tournament only.

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