Dee Dee Martinez
District Administrator

California District 8 Little League

2023 District 8 All Stars

Little League All Star Tournament Structure

For the Little League (Age 10-12) division, each league submits the players to participate on that league's All Star team. The local league All Star team participates in its first tournament at the District level. The winner of the District tournament faces other District Champions in the Section Tournament. The winner of the Section tournament will face off against other Section Champions in the State Tournament. Since California has so many Little Leagues, it is divided into two areas for the State Championships, NorCal Division and SoCal Division. Each Division has it's own tournament and sends a Champion to the West Regional Tournament. Each winner of the Regional Tournaments across the country proceeds to the Little League World Series, along with international teams from around the world.
(Each Little League age level has a slightly different structure to their tournament. This previously described tournament progression is for the "Little League" age group - defined as 10-12 year olds.)

There are approximately 290 Little Leagues in NorCal. NorCal is divided into 7 Sections, each numbered sequentially 1 - 7.
Each of the Sections has between 3 - 5 Districts. Each District has from 5 to 15 Little Leagues.

District 8 consists of 10 Little Leagues in the Stockton/Lodi area. Our District 8 is in Section 6.
District 8 will be hosting the Little League (Age 10-12) State (NorCal) Tournament this year at Hoover Tyler Little League.

2023 District 8 All Star Champions

2022 District 8 All Star Champions

Tournament of Champions

The annual Tournament of Champions is a District-wide tournament for the Minors (Competitive Player Pitch), Majors, Intermediate and Junior divisions. Each division league champion faces the other league champions in the same division in the district. The winner of each tournament is crowned District Champion. The tournament is played at the end of the regular season and prior to the start of All Stars. There is no progression from the District TOCs.

2023 District 8 TOC Champions

2022 District 8 TOC Champions